About the Tool


The UNESCO Financial Planning Resource (FPR) was developed by UNESCO in collaboration with partnering ministries of education and with support from the Korean Funds-in-Trust. 

It is a supplementary resource to the UNESCO ICT in Education Policy Planning Guide, which provides strategic interventions in critical parts of the ICT in Education policy planning process. 

The FPR gives a more in-depth analysis of the components for costing of ICT in Education projects. It is hoped that through this resource, education policy planners will be able to develop more accurate and feasible project cost estimates. 

We sincerely thank the contributors, Member States, and individuals who generously donated their time and energy towards building this resource.



Bhutan Ministry of Education


Kiribati Ministry of Education


Maldives Ministry of Education


Nepal Ministry of Education


Solomon Islands Ministry of Education


Sri Lanka Ministry of Education

Project Contributors:

Jonghwi Park
Programme Specialist
ICT in Education
UNESCO Bangkok


Jian Xi Teng
Programme Officer
ICT in Education
UNESCO Bangkok


Toan Dang
Project Assistant
ICT in Education
UNESCO Bangkok