Getting Started


Welcome to the Financial Planning Resource

There are numerous cases where national ICT in Education projects are unsustainable due to the initial and recurring costs incurred. This leads to wasted capital and investments from governments and other education stakeholders. However, there has been little support to address the financial planning and resource mobilization issues that are commonly faced in implementing ICT in Education projects.

To address this, UNESCO’s Financial Planning Resource (FPR) provides an interactive, simple and user-friendly tool for the costing of ICT in Education projects. It contains a 5-step process that helps education policy planners to create accurate and realistic estimates for their ICT in Education master plans.  

How to Use the Financial Planning Resource

Follow through the steps of the Costing Roadmap where you will be able to:

  • Explore international case studies and examples of costing related to ICT in Education programmes
  • Learn about the costing considerations that are incurred initially, on a recurring basis, and hidden costs that you may not have considered
  • Download a costing action plan that will guide you in creating a costing estimate for your project.

In the resources section, you can also access free powerful cost simulation tools based on the concept of Total Cost of Ownership.